About me


the journey (so far)

A Bay Area native and Pratt Institute grad who missed the tech boom by a couple of years and
got seduced in to the world of advertising by a
Nike soccer commercial.*

I was 13 at the time. Old enough to have an opinion and stand by it. Old enough to acknowledge that what I just experienced brought me a sense of aspiration and a smile to my face. I clearly remember the spot having an effect on me as
I thought to myself, “I don’t know what that was -— but I need to do that.” 

That was my first taste of advertising and now fast forwarding to the present day, art direction is my craft. I’m a natural storyteller. Pen and paper are
my tools and my greatest satisfaction is seeing ideas realized from start to finish. What fuels my passion -— and what I believe drives good
creatives -— is the opportunity to help brands tell
their story in an impactful way.

That’s advertising for me.


Carlos Fernando Franco

*Back in 1993 you didn’t really see soccer
anything mainstream in the United States,
 let alone a commercial.